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For young people who like romantic love tunes, especially the post-80s generation, they pay great attention to the layout of their bedrooms, especially the decoration of the wedding room of newlyweds. If they do not understand the relevant feng shui knowledge and taboos in advance, they are often easy to outsmart themselves, and good things turn bad. Therefore, the following Xiaobian specially arranges the Feng Shui taboos of the new house decoration of post-80s newlyweds for your reference

first, remember not to have Lane rush and road rush in the new house, which is a bad situation

second, the bedroom of the new house should be bright and airy; Bright light often makes people happy, so that they are in a good mood and the relationship between husband and wife is also stable

third It is better not to lay carpet on the bedroom land, which is easy to be damp and mildew, and injure the air pipe, especially laying long felt is more unfavorable

fourth, the color selection of new houses should be careful; Never paint the walls of your new house pink, which is a taboo of Feng Shui. There are no fewer newlyweds who have made a tragedy. The color of the room should not be painted colorful, which is easy for the husband and wife to have extramarital affairs

fifth Don't hang wind chimes in the bedroom window, which is easy to make the wife dizzy and irritable (the cake pattern is unlucky, the round bed is unlucky, and the ceiling is unlucky)

sixth, the bedroom can't span under the horizontal wall inside and outside the house, that is, it can't be topped by beams

seventh, The toilet in the bedroom cannot be flushed (punch headache, punch shoulder neck pain, punch waist sciatic nerve, kidney, punch foot sour, punch stomach disease.

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many people who want to change their new homes, see the rising price of commercial housing, limited by financial resources, have to turn their vision to second-hand housing. Although second-hand housing is a little dilapidated, it also has its advantages, such as: first, the house price is much cheaper, generally affordable. Third , located in the urban area, close to schools, shopping malls and vegetable markets, with convenient transportation. In addition, the management fee of old houses is not high and the burden is not heavy. Therefore, the second-hand property market is also very prosperous

but what you need to remind friends who buy second-hand houses is that when you are optimistic about this floor unit and are ready to pay a deposit, you might as well ask about the residents of this house through multiple channels. Why did they move? The homeowner may answer: emigrated; Developed, bought a new building; There are too many people to live in, and so on. I will never tell you the terrible things that happened in the house. Of course, this is an individual case. You must find a way to "beat around the Bush" and ask the truth

what is the so-called ferocity? For example:

first, the family often has people who are sick and bedridden, or people who are incurably ill and do not live long

second, the family has had criminal offenders who violated the criminal law, committed crimes, and took risks

third, this family is in business. They used to be rich. Later, due to business failure, they fell sharply and lost their wealth overnight

IV. there have been disasters (fires) in this house, or murders, murders, hanging, traffic accidents and other murders and bloodshed

v. there have been strange and grotesque, solitary ghosts, etc

as long as the above events have occurred, this house is often called a dangerous house. As the malicious information still remains in the house, and even continues to play a bad role, it will naturally harm later people. You can't believe such a thing

therefore, it is necessary to remind friends who buy old houses that they must inquire about the family from their next door neighbors and ask carefully. It is not too late to make a deposit if there is really no such situation. Only in this way can you feel at ease when buying and living

some readers will ask: if you have lived here and later know that it is a dangerous house, what should you do? Don't be nervous. You'd better invite a capable feng shui master to investigate. He should know whether there has been any murderous incident in this house? If so, he should be able to give solutions

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