Suifu doors and windows join dynamic Suifu success

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The front line of Suifu doors and windows reported good news again. President Yang of Zunyi, Guizhou, and president Xu of Shunde, Guangdong successfully signed a contract to join Suifu doors and windows

general manager Yang from Zunyi, Guizhou, and general manager Xu from Shunde, Guangdong, continued to pay attention to Suifu doors and windows offline, and visited the headquarters of Suifu doors and windows on the spot to learn more about Suifu's brand concept, investment promotion support policies, aluminum alloy doors and windows technology, etc. President Yang, president Xu and Suifu doors and windows at the back Reach cooperation and sign contracts. Thank you, Mr. Huang, for choosing to join Suifu doors and windows

I wish the franchise stores in Zunyi, Guizhou and Shunde, Guangdong a good start, a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources

join a regular brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the quality of doors and windows sold by users will be guaranteed. One of the main reasons why franchisees choose the aluminum alloy door and window franchising mode is the popularity of the brand. Because the popularity of the brand allows aluminum alloy doors and windows to join the store. When it is just opened, it can have a certain consumer base, because many consumers know this brand

the future has arrived, why not take the lead; Join hands with Suifu to create a win-win situation in 2018




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