Italian silk CTS new luxury fabric

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Italian silk fabrics CTS, new luxury fabrics

the materials selected for high-end luxury furniture must also be highly demanding, not only in terms of style and pattern to meet people's aesthetic, but also the quality of materials. The selected fabrics are also extremely valued by many consumers

good fabric: first, it has a comfortable feeling; Second, it can better reflect the owner's pursuit of high-quality life and highlight the owner's status

CTS S.p.A, a company with more than 50 years of textile experience, is in a leading position in the industry in Italy and is also a world-renowned luxury sofa manufacturer

their series of products include velvet, silk, mixed silk, log Tencel and cotton in classical or contemporary styles

craft fabrics are sold by cutting or by quantity. The company has a 6000 square meter warehouse in MEDA (Milan), which is equipped with all product inventories for cutting or transportation

the company continues to provide a variety of new luxury fabrics, all of which adopt modern design, popular colors and the latest unique patterns

proper use of fabrics can also make the style of home decoration complement each other, coordinate with each other, and increase a good visual sense





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