Simple and fashionable restaurant creates a warm a

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The restaurant is not only a space for "eating fast", but also a warm place for families to get together and exchange emotions. Therefore, a good restaurant design needs a sense of visual pleasure, otherwise it is not "beautiful", how to "eat"? It needs to be simple, lively and easy to clean up, otherwise the greasy stains will make the housewife have a terrible headache. What's more, we need to create a warm and soft atmosphere to make people feel relaxed physically and mentally

in the dining room space, the overall design concept comes down in one continuous line with the living room and study. The dining chair imitated by the master, the freehand abstract painting on the wall, and a small vase dotted on the table all have the flavor of northern Europe

tough lines, gray tones, simple style and order of life are created in this way. The whole room adopts the main color of black and white, with blue, gray and other cold colors occasionally mixed in. Furniture is mostly hard straight lines, and sporadic ornaments are also simple and smooth. The whole space shows a masculine temperament, but Chen Long comes from Zhejiang, and the charm of Jiangnan inadvertently reveals

the style of the restaurant comes down in one continuous line with that of the living room, which is also a resonance of green and wood. Green chandeliers are very beautiful. It takes a little effort to find such beautiful lighting. Echoing the green glass vase, it has become the color highlight of the space. The restaurant also fully considers the storage function, and the storage cabinet near the wall can put tableware and small things

simple lockers are set on the wall on one side of the restaurant, which can play a good role in storage. The vases and green plants on the cabinet seem to be placed inadvertently, but a close study of these are classic Nordic home styles, which enhance the charm of space art. The whole wall adopts a very warm light orange, which makes the whole restaurant space exude a soft aesthetic feeling

wooden dining tables, chairs and floors make the whole dining room full of wood color and warmth. The square paper chandelier shows a warm light, which makes people feel more comfortable. The small green plants add vitality to the whole space and emphasize the beauty of being inseparable from nature




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