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In 2014, the whole wooden door home furnishing industry was not very prosperous. We will continue to sink our channels from the primary and secondary markets to the tertiary and tertiary markets, and even reach villages and towns, so as to maximize the market capacity

interviewee: liufuxin, President of Tianhua wood industry group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Zhan zhitianhua has achieved strong strength and good reputation today after 20 years of brilliant history, which is inseparable from effective management. Can you share with us what mature business management concepts and methods zhanzhi Tianhua has

president Liu: in the nearly 20 years of development, Tianhua wood industry group has been able to maintain innovative vitality and sustainable development. First of all, let the management concept of "innovative vitality and sustainable development" become the core engine of enterprise development, and also take this as the fundamental criterion to judge the success or failure of enterprise operation and management decisions. In order to ensure the continuous independent innovation ability of the enterprise, Tianhua wood industry group has established a set of effective operation and management mechanisms to provide an inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise

first, establish an innovation oriented mechanism and take enterprise development and construction as the core of independent innovation. Adhere to the perfect evaluation system, evaluate, summarize and revise the work results according to the performance evaluation rules, so as to mobilize the innovative development awareness of all employees

second, cultivate the backbone and team of independent innovation, and build a stage to show innovation. Take the system as the standard of standardized management, constantly improve and perfect it in combination with the current development situation of the enterprise, guide and cultivate the backbone employees and benchmarking teams of the enterprise to display innovative thinking and ability in their work, and become the backbone of independent innovation of the enterprise

third, establish an incentive mechanism to promote employees' conscious innovation. In order to keep the employees full of enthusiasm for innovation and development, Tianhua wood industry group has specially set up an innovation achievement award. A summary and commendation meeting will be held every year to give spiritual and material encouragement to the winners, and stimulate the employees to pay close attention to the development of the enterprise and maintain their innovation awareness at all times. These management measures have become the core driving force of enterprises' independent innovation

over the past 20 years, the enterprise management practice of Tianhua wood industry group has proved that the development of the enterprise requires continuous technological innovation, management innovation, thinking innovation, keeping pace with the times, actively adapting and seeking change. It is necessary to establish an effective operation and management mechanism, connect with the market, and specialize in the needs of consumers, so as to produce products that meet the mainstream of market consumption. Zhanzhi Tianhua has always insisted on doing so and strive to do better

home hotline: the home market is depressed this year. How does your company work in the face of this situation

Mr. Liu: affected by factors such as the regulation of the real estate market and the rise of operating costs, the whole wooden door home furnishing industry was not very prosperous in 2014. But I think the more this time, the more wooden door home furnishing enterprises need to do a good job in product extension and market extension. In 2014, we increased our investment in product R & D and design, not only developing high-end products, but also making greater efforts to develop affordable and high-quality products for the benefit of the people that adapt to the tertiary and tertiary markets. We extended the product line based on medium-sized prices vertically, and combined with the trend of decoration integration, extended the products horizontally to wardrobes, wallboards, cabinets, ceilings, etc. In terms of market extension, we will continue to sink our channels from primary and secondary markets to tertiary and tertiary markets, and even reach villages and towns to maximize market capacity. Moreover, the marketing center of Tianhua wood industry group adopts a variety of flexible marketing models to meet the diversified market demand. For example, expand e-commerce online shopping platforms, build direct and self operated channels, build self built terminal networks, and assist dealers in targeted terminal promotion. For regional key markets, we also have the strategic highland of increasing brand publicity investment and establishing brand image. It can be said that in recent years, on the basis of consolidating the original channels and based on the established customer base, Tianhua wood industry group has planned to "extend" the strategy in the third and fourth tier broad market, making the market share rise against the trend and steadily increase year by year, winning a good reputation among the people. Although the market is sluggish, Tianhua wood industry group has taken the lead and taken the initiative in the decisive battle of the reshuffle in this weak market with its brand-new mode of deeply cultivating channels to improve market share, increasing sales volume with market share and driving brand sales

home hotline: as far as we know, zhanzhi Tianhua is at the forefront of the industry in brand promotion, actively using online dramas, TV programs and wechat official account for publicity. How do you think of the role of new media in brand promotion

president Liu: Yes, as you said, we have made some practice and attempts in the promotion of some new media. These work stems from our potential users' attention to some new media and network platforms, including wechat, Weibo, micro video, etc! Although these new media start with the word "micro", their influence and communication power can not be underestimated. These media tools combine "time fragmentation" with exquisite content to obtain the required information and interaction in the most simple, direct and effective way. Therefore, zhanzhi Tianhua continues to integrate the concept of "experiential service" to meet the needs of users as much as possible, which is the core goal of our brand network promotion

home hotline: your company adheres to the parallel of culture and innovation. How do you combine cultural development with innovative marketing

president Liu: wooden door products, as the most common daily necessities in people's life, began to meet the basic needs of life. Today, people's choice of wooden door products has risen from simply meeting the needs of life to the stage of artistic aesthetics and even higher collection. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, the wooden door industry has integrated culture into it and moved towards the brand era. What is the soul of a brand? How to make consumers flock to a wooden door brand is the key issue that zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door has always considered. After experiencing the "medal war", "advertising war", "packaging war" and "promotion war", we believe that the brand construction of wooden doors can occupy the commanding height of the brand only by haunting the brand soul and building the cultural connotation of the brand. In 2014, our culture marketing of zhanzhi Tianhua has three key points: refining the core value of the wooden door brand, spreading the core value and strengthening the brand cultural identity

I. refining of core values. That is to excavate the cultural appeal points of zhanzhi Tianhua, and attract consumers by refining and mining the cultural charm and connotation of brand appeal

second, the dissemination of core values. After refining the core value of zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door, it will spread through appropriate communication channels and methods, play a leading role in the field of wooden doors, and realize its core competitiveness

third, start with the factors that affect brand culture. For example, product R & D and design, brand reputation building, service and maintenance, brand activities, store image and other aspects have been continuously strengthened and improved. Let consumers have a psychological and emotional sense of belonging when enjoying the services provided by zhanzhi Tianhua brand products

home hotline: in July this year, your company's original "38 DB acoustic thickened wooden door" was made public for the first time. Please talk about your unique views on product design and R & D

president Liu: wooden door products seem simple, but in fact, in addition to the functional attributes of the product itself, with the improvement of people's living standards, they are also regarded as works of art matching the overall home decoration style. Therefore, zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door has been seeking new breakthroughs in product design. Based on marketing strategies, we carry out product design innovation and expand market share. In 20 years of production practice, Tianhua wood industry group has accumulated rich experience in product development ability, process development ability, equipment development ability and marketing service level. We employ well-known foreign designers to join our design team. Every year, we also organize the design team to go to Europe and the United States to investigate the market, study and exchange. These practices of "please come in and go out" make zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door keep up with the trend of the times, with novel product research and development concepts and strong product design capabilities, firmly grasp the "highland" of product upgrading and meet the needs of different consumers

in addition to adhering to the original design concept that zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door products have always adhered to, zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door products are also original and upgraded in many aspects, such as material, technology, environmental protection, color and so on, which perfectly reflects the added value of zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door culture. As you mentioned, "38 DB acoustic thickened wooden door" and "Jingwei aesthetic wooden door" are the fruitful achievements of our product R & D and innovation at this stage. In 2015, we will successively launch more innovative wooden doors with multiple functions to market, so as to meet the increasingly rich personalized aesthetic concepts of consumers with excellent manufacturing technology and profound brand cultural connotation

home hotline: sound and considerate service is being paid more and more attention. What measures does your company take to improve service

Mr. Liu: zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door advocates the Amethyst level service concept of "sincerity; worry free throughout the whole process", and constantly improves its market operation ability and service level through various forms, which has been highly praised by the majority of consumers

1. The service purpose of zhanzhi Tianhua is to treat service as a brand culture released for a long time, truly "serve customers sincerely", and do a good job of after-sales service with a clear conscience, rather than show off

2. Zhanzhi Tianhua's service goal is to always be a little more than the psychological expectations of users, make more return calls, and solve more practical problems of users, so as to seamlessly communicate, establish feelings, enhance understanding, and enhance mutual trust

3. Zhanzhi Tianhua's service concept is to dare to innovate and constantly innovate. "We are not afraid of unexpected, we are afraid of not being able to do it". We should do well what others did not do well, and we should think of what others did not expect. Innovation comes from inspiration, and service comes from details

4. The Training Department of the group will regularly and irregularly carry out various forms of training, learning and standardized assessment throughout the country every year to comprehensively improve the professional quality of employees in various positions of Tianhua wood industry group. Through the study and training of courseware such as brand concept, industry knowledge, service specification, market knowledge, management knowledge, product knowledge, design concept and sales etiquette, the group's employees can quickly improve their abilities and qualities in all aspects and better serve the majority of consumers

home hotline: at present, the post-80s and post-90s have become the main force of consumption. What do you think are their main needs for customized home? What measures have your company taken to meet the consumption demand of 80 and 90

president Liu: I have seen a data survey that shows that in the age distribution of household consumers in 2013, the proportion of consumers aged 25-35 is 64%, which shows that the age structure of household consumers is younger. With the rise of post-80s and post-90s household consumers, it will inevitably bring new trends to the design innovation of wooden doors. To catch the trend of youth, we need to find out the consumption characteristics and choice direction of the post-80s and post-90s. We know that this kind of consumer group pursues labor-saving and worry-free, environmental protection and health, sensibility is more important than rationality, and pursues personality and fashion. Only by grasping the needs of these consumers, can they prescribe drugs to the symptoms and win the hearts of these consumers. Zhan zhitianhua has always paid close attention to these consumer groups in order to cater to him




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