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Two important types of aluminized paper

1, vacuum aluminized paperboard

vacuum aluminized paperboard is a kind of metallic luster paperboard, which is an advanced and novel packaging material developed in recent years. This kind of paper has bright color, strong metallic feeling, and bright and elegant prints. It can replace the large-area bronzing of prints and play a icing on the cake role in the beautification of commodities. Vacuum aluminized paperboard is different from aluminized paperboard and pet laminating paperboard: aluminized paperboard is directly compounded by aluminum foil and paperboard, and pet laminating paperboard is compounded by electrochemical aluminum film and paperboard. The number and internal size of paperboard 1, lower ring, connecting ring and intermediate ring shall ensure that the aluminum foil and plastic on the surface can rotate flexibly between the rings, so that they cannot reach the environmental protection properties of degradable and recyclable, and cannot be used as green packaging in the world; Vacuum aluminized paper is a new green packaging material widely used in the packaging industry in the world since the 1980s. Because it adopts vacuum aluminum plating method, only a thin, compact and bright aluminum layer of 0.25 μ m -0.3 μ m is covered on the surface of the paperboard, which is only one fivehundred of the aluminum foil layer of the aluminum paperboard. In this way, it not only has noble and beautiful metal texture, but also has degradable and recyclable environmental protection properties. It is a kind of green packaging material

vacuum aluminized paper can be divided into direct evaporation method (paper aluminizing) and transfer evaporation method (film aluminizing) according to its production process. The direct method is to put the paper directly into the vacuum aluminizing machine for aluminizing. The transfer method is to put the PET film into the vacuum aluminizing machine for aluminizing, glue it with the paper, and then peel off the PET film. The aluminum molecular layer is transferred to the surface of the paperboard through adhesive action. The aluminized paper produced by direct evaporation method has a loose structure of aluminized layer and each coating along the paper fiber, and the surface is fine, microporous and coarse 3 The adhesion test of the handle sleeve is rough, and the smoothness is less than that of the "fool" operation. Its flatness is not suitable for the printing of packaging and the aluminized paper produced by the transfer evaporation method. The aluminized layer is bonded with the paper by the transfer of PET film. The aluminum film has good flatness, strong metallic luster and high smoothness, which is more suitable for the printing of packaging. Compared with the direct evaporation method, the transfer evaporation method also has the following characteristics: it can make full use of the flatness of PET film to make the paper metal luster brighter; It can produce various patterns of laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminized cardboard

vacuum aluminized packaging material is a new type of composite environmental protection packaging material. It gradually replaces aluminum foil composite paper as aluminum paper substrate. It is a kind of green packaging material that can be recycled and degraded in soil, and can save metal resources. At present, most countries in Europe use vacuum aluminized paper instead of plastic film and aluminized wrapping paper in the packaging of gifts, toys, food, tobacco and alcohol, daily chemicals, etc

2. Laser aluminum spray paper

laser aluminum spray paper (referred to as laser paper for short) is formed by loading the laser holographic pattern or text signal onto the surface of aluminum spray paper by molding. Vacuum aluminized paper can be divided into direct method (paper surface spraying aluminum) and transfer method (film surface spraying aluminum) according to the production process. The direct method is a method that the paper is directly placed in the vacuum aluminizing machine for aluminum spraying. This method is limited to thin paper aluminum spraying. The transfer method is to put the PET film or laser PET film on the coated horse paper or paperboard for compounding, then peel off the PET film (the PET film can be used repeatedly for many times), and the aluminum molecular layer is transferred to the paper or paperboard through the adhesive action. The transfer method can produce laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminized paper or paperboard with any patterns and words

due to the complex production process, high technology content and large equipment investment, it is difficult for general small and medium-sized enterprises to copy. In terms of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials, the transfer aluminum spraying method has unique advantages. The international packaging industry puts forward five comprehensive indicators for anti-counterfeiting packaging materials: first, timeliness. Anti counterfeiting packaging must be the latest scientific and technological achievements. In a certain period of time, such scientific and technological achievements are difficult for general enterprises to master, so it is difficult to counterfeit. The longer this anti-counterfeiting scientific and technological achievement stays ahead, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect will be. Second, aesthetics. Third, identification. The anti-counterfeiting effect must be clear to consumers at a glance. Fourth, universality. Advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging materials must have universal application in the printing and packaging industry. The manufacturer can use conventional packaging materials for production without additional equipment and special training. Fifth, economy. Advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging materials must have high scientific and technological content, and the price can be accepted by the market, so that the products can increase the profits for the manufacturers on the basis of eliminating counterfeiting

these five achievements are inseparable from another team of the service body - the market development center, a comprehensive index with extremely high requirements, which has been a subject that has troubled the packaging industry for many years. The excellent characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminum spraying paper (card) are very close to the above five comprehensive indexes. It is an ideal anti-counterfeiting packaging material, and its application prospect is extremely broad

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