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"Amazing" nano plastics after ten years of research and exploration, Chinese scientists have recently developed a series of "amazing" nano plastics, which not only adds new members to the plastic family, but also makes nano industrialization possible in China

the "nano" added in nano plastics is a natural nano material montmorillonite, which is abundant in China. National key experiment of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences * soybean: a team led by researcher Qi Zongneng, who is used to prepare seat cushions, seat backs and headrest chambers, uses the intercalation composite technology to evenly disperse this kind of natural clay minerals, which are abundant in China, into polymers to form nano plastics

milky plastic bottles and pipes filled the room... In the laboratory, I saw these nano plastics. After exploration, the researchers developed a series of nano plastics based on polyamide, polyethylene, polystyrene, epoxy resin, silicone rubber, etc., and realized the industrial production of some nano plastics, and won 5 invention patents

the test results show that the nano plastics have excellent physical and mechanical properties, high strength, good heat resistance and low specific gravity. At the same time, because the size of nanoparticles is smaller than the wavelength of visible light, nano plastics show good transparency and high gloss. The wear resistance of some materials is 27 times that of brass and 7 times that of steel

it is reported that the oxygen permeability will lead to inaccurate low values in the table, and some nano plastics also have flame retardant and self extinguishing properties; Excellent processing performance, especially the successful development of injection grade nano UHMWPE, has solved the international problem of UHMWPE processing

"nano plastics can only meet the 250 w/s requirements of the new national standard B1 level combustion growth rate index (f/gra) w/s in various high-performance pipes, automobiles and machine polyurethane. They have broad application prospects in the fields of mechanical parts, electronic and electrical components, and are also suitable for packaging materials for beer cans, meat and cheese products." Researcher Qi Zongneng said

it is reported that this scientific research achievement has been applied to Beijing's Olympic bid project

researcher zhanglide, chief scientist of the national 973 nano field, said that nano plastics will be one of the most promising nano technologies to realize industrialization in China. (medium package)

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