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On December 14, Gansu Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission hosted a new product appraisal meeting for wind power coatings in the scientific research complex of Northwest Yongxin Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Yongxin group). The "synthesis of organic fluorosilicone modified elastic polyurethane urea resin and new wind power coatings" jointly developed by Yongxin group and Northwest Normal University passed the provincial new product appraisal

it is understood that the earliest technical accumulation of wind power coating of Yongxin group began in 1966, and the wind power coating can be traced back to more than 10 years ago. In 2000, Yongxin group participated in Yumen wind power. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the coating of the sliding field of each department, and publicly published the earliest paper on wind power coating in China, "anticorrosive coating for wind turbine tower". In 2008, the company also developed the scientific research achievement "Research on high weathering and wind erosion resistant coating" that the periphery of the 4.6 punching and shearing disc should be free of burrs affecting the flatness. The "Yongxin" new wind power coating that has passed the appraisal this time has made innovations in the structural design and manufacturing process. Some of the transmission systems of experimental machines on the market now adopt reducers, and its performance has reached the international advanced level

at the appraisal meeting, the appraisal committee composed of relevant leaders from Gansu Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, Gansu Provincial State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, Lanzhou University, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou City University, Gansu Petrochemical Industry Association, Gansu Research Institute of chemical industry and experts from Gansu coating industry listened carefully to the development report, process summary report, standard formulation and review report The benefit analysis report, scientific and technological novelty search report, patent application and paper publication, product quality inspection and user use report conducted a comprehensive review and inspection of this technological innovation achievement

after answering questions and making careful comments, the members of the appraisal committee believed that the technical data of the product were complete and the experimental data were full and accurate. Especially for the severe climatic conditions such as sand erosion and freezing, the product has good weather resistance and ice resistance through scientific formula combination design. After testing, the new wind power coating has reached or better than foreign wind power coating products in terms of wear resistance, elastic elongation, adhesion, impact resistance, wind sand resistance, UV radiation resistance and other protective properties

professor majiantai, chairman of the appraisal committee and vice president of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Lanzhou University, pointed out that in recent years, Yongxin group has integrated technical resources, increased efforts to introduce talents, continuously improved the enterprise's re innovation ability through introduction and absorption, cooperative development, independent research and development and other ways, and successively launched new products that meet the market demand. In particular, wind power coating products have made innovations in structural design and manufacturing process, and their performance is at the international advanced level. The successful development of the product has filled the gap in the field of domestic coatings, and made the development level of wind power coatings in China a big step forward

the experts present at the meeting said that the product conforms to the national industrial policy, has broad market prospects, has good economic and social benefits, and has a direct bearing on the survival and livelihood of nearly 300000 people. It is suggested that the relevant departments in the country and the province should pay high attention to and support the promotion and application

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