Ranking of top ten brands of new Chinese furniture

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In recent years, new Chinese furniture has been favored by consumers. New Chinese furniture looks fresh and natural. But at present, the new Chinese furniture brands in the market are mixed, in order to let consumers choose new Chinese furniture with better quality. Next, Xiaobian sorted out a ranking of the top ten new Chinese furniture brands for everyone

ranking of the top ten brands of new Chinese furniture

1. Tansong new Chinese furniture

is a high-end brand, mainly original and full wood. In terms of style, bold innovation is carried out, which is not only classical, but also modern fashion. At present, it has developed “ Meaning ” Series and “ Harmony brings thousands of places ” Two series

2. Pingze new Chinese furniture

is an innovative Chinese brand. It is nostalgic but not archaic, and it is unique. The founder, Mr. Junmin, endowed the furniture with flexibility and meaningful temperament, and advocated a quiet, beautiful and far-reaching lifestyle

3. All things new Chinese furniture

takes harmony as the internal spirit, and restores the essence of home life through the reasonable allocation of space, simple and slightly heroic lines, and elegant classic color matching. Let users get a pleasant home experience in a simple life

4. Kyocera new Chinese furniture

is a professional chain organization, which is mainly made of rosewood. The design is concise, the vision and decoration are subtle, and the lines between virtual and real highlight the simple color of rosewood

5. SHANGXIA new Chinese furniture

comes from contemporary art brands. It is committed to life aesthetics and exquisite skills. Through innovation, people can return to contemporary life

6. Delirosa new Chinese furniture

is a brand of Dongguan hotline furniture. It focuses on design, pays attention to furniture from a Western perspective, and integrates culture into products. The brand is divided into four series: plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum

7. Su Li's new Chinese furniture

downplays decoration, highlights furniture through soft decoration, combines European and American colors, and uses western methods to highlight the beauty of Jiangnan and impress the younger generation's love for furniture

8. Recall that Oriental New Chinese furniture

style is mostly new Chinese style, using nature “ Slow drying ” Method, then measure the water content, and use it as furniture after it is qualified. This treatment method takes a long time and is rarely used in modern furniture, but the wood after drying is physically stable

9. Oriental rhyme new Chinese furniture

modern furniture made with all efforts, put “ Environmental protection, inheritance, value ” The combination has changed the traditional design, based on Chinese culture, advanced processing and carving, brand-new visual enjoyment, the product is calm and atmospheric, rich in handed down value and eternal beauty, so that people can enjoy the cultural value of home and China

10. Huali legend new Chinese furniture

the country's large furniture production base is designed by a professional team. On the basis of retaining traditional elements, many modern elements are added. The combination of China and the west, ancient and modern, retains the pure “ Chinese style elements &rdquo

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