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Partition questions can definitely rank among the top three wechat backstage questions, so today Xiaobian will talk to you: how to have a partition with both practicality and beauty at home

partition questions can definitely rank among the top three wechat backstage questions, so today Xiaobian will talk to you: how to have a partition at home that is both practical and beautiful

what's good about partition

why does everyone love

1. It is mainly used for functional partition of different spaces

there are three common types: guest restaurant partition; The partition between the porch and the living room; Partition of dry and wet areas in toilets

2. It is used to increase storage space

many people will choose partition cabinets, bookshelves and combined storage shelves as partitions, which are very suitable for small houses

3. A small bar with an area of 1 square meter, which is used to add new family elements, can separate space, increase home fun, and store things when equipped with a hanging cabinet. Sometimes it can also be used as a temporary restaurant

4. Ensure the privacy of the space

using hollowed out or transparent partitions can not only ensure the privacy of the space, but also not destroy the transparent and bright lighting of the whole space

is partition really necessary


1. The fully enclosed partition cannot be used.

no matter what material is used, the partition must be hollow or transparent/translucent. If it is a wall, try to make it into a half wall, otherwise it will have the opposite effect: it will not only occupy space, but also hinder light, making the house smaller

2. Do not want the partition that hinders the moving line

if you increase the partition, people (especially children) will not be able to move freely at home, so you'd rather not

the following Xiaobian has sorted out three partition designs for you

let's have a look

wine cabinet partition

hollowed out display area plus closed storage area integrate decoration and storage. While dividing the space well, the hollowed out design above makes the two spaces separate without being completely isolated, which increases the fluidity and permeability of the space

classic porch partition

the classic porch partition is neat and simple. The flat open design of the small shutter is more lively. It plays a partition role and has a large storage space at the same time

bar partition

bar partition, a small bar can play a variety of roles in the space. In addition to space division, reasonable utilization has unlimited possibilities, and can be used as a living and leisure area or small restaurant, which is beautiful and practical

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