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Advantages of new products solid wood table panels in occupying the market

society is progressing, technology is innovating, and products that are not environmental friendly, unsafe, unscientific and do not conform to the trend of the times will be eliminated from the market. The solid wood table panels promoted and sold by century Lunde should occupy a place in the market of table panels and be popularized rapidly, which has unique advantages:

first, the selected base materials are logs from cold zone areas for decades, Adopting the most advanced drying method in the world, i.e. deep desizing and degreasing method, in the drying process, it requires not only advanced equipment, but also exquisite technology to control many procedures such as drying time and temperature. The production cycle is more than 180 days, and it is processed by dozens of processes

second, the manufacturing process is unique. It is made of log base materials that meet the drying standard and super large equipment by pressing, extruding and cold assembling in the way of two horizontal and one vertical

adhere to the production environment, manufacturing process, product molding and flow to the market, and always advocate to dedicate the most environmentally friendly, beautiful, economical and durable products to people and society who love life

third, the price positioning is reasonable. Although the solid wood table panels promoted and sold by century Lunde have many excellent quality and potential market share, they are not priced in the way that rare things are expensive, but in the international price law, that is, cost plus expense and its profit rate. Unified pricing throughout the country leaves sufficient profit space for dealers

in the fourth century, while people are still understanding, observing and approaching the new products promoted and sold by Lunde, they have been fully prepared to deal with various possible situations, and are full of confidence that the domestic market is about to set off a solid wood climax





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