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A small 60 square meter home does not need too many complicated decorations. Although it is in the downtown, it is a peaceful and natural expression. The elegant and clean tone turns the small home into a cup of tea, and brings the comfortable home atmosphere to the extreme. The quiet and elegant design allows you to find a peace of mind in the noisy city. Today, Xiaobian will take you to enjoy this exquisite two bedroom and one living room happy home

entering the small living room, you will feel the limitations of space. Although the space is small, the layout is not slow and interesting. The cloth sofa with two seats is just placed. The warm and comfortable texture gives the owner the softest care. The log texture of the tea table and the rough tile joints on the ground reveal the beauty of nature. The changing background wall and natural stone complement each other, revealing simplicity in elegance. The main color is elegant and clean, a cup of tea, a piece of ancient music, leaning against the window, comfortable and lazy...

the decoration design of the TV background wall in the figure is simple and ingenious. The TV background wall is about one meter wide. Standing in the living room, some scenes of the kitchen come into view, creating a looming visual effect, which does not affect the overall visual permeability, widens the vision, and makes this small family home look more spacious. At the same time, a white shelf is built on the background wall. The shelf just can place the set-top box, which is very practical. In addition, the wall is decorated with silver wallpaper, inadvertently enhancing the decorative effect of the space

here is the aisle space into the bedroom. A large area of white presents a clean and bright effect, while the door panel adopts a relatively heavy color, breaking the visual effect of a piece of white, forming a certain contrast, and adding a sense of hierarchy to the room. Color is an indispensable element in building small houses. Generally speaking, the overall color of small houses is best to use light colors, such as white, beige or light green, because light colors can expand the room space. If you want to add some distinctive feeling of the room, you can partially use the method of heavy color to decorate, but not too much

there is no too complex modeling design in the small bedroom space, and the simple lines are conducive to the visual expansion of the small space and feel the spaciousness of the space. Therefore, in the overall pattern of the bedroom, I mainly focus on simplicity and squareness, and do not choose overly complex lines. I try to reflect the sense of the times in the indoor decoration and decoration. The master bedroom designed with simple colors, layout, few and exquisite furniture and simple handling methods feels very warm. A little color is added to the fabric art, and the elegant nest comes out





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