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Fashion personality creative lamp lzf, lighting is also a kind of fashion - Italian home

used to like one thing and like other things, too. For example, children like Barbie dolls, and they hope that other dolls are like Barbie dolls. Similarly, if someone likes fish, elephants or other animals, designers will design the lamps and lanterns like these animals, which will attract more fans. This is the fashion of lzf lamps, a lamp brand that I want to introduce to you

in 1994, lzf began to design and manufacture manual veneer lamps. The company started from a small studio in the center of Valencia, and gradually today: they have become the most respected professional lighting company in the world

wood is their DNA. They have been using wood since 1994. For the first time, they accidentally found it can be used as a perfect light diffusion material and immediately decided to use it as the raw material of their own lamps. All along, lzf's wood processing technology includes cutting, folding, bending, sewing, fiber enamel and bonding wood. The result is timberlite?, An indoor patent product series, which completely changes the way lzf uses veneers

since then, they have been promoting our products through art. The high fidelity they developed is a promotional tool for promoting the 2013 hand-made lamp series. It reflects the moment when beauty, elegance, experiment and innovation have been transformed into a social phenomenon in history; It reflects the era when cultures in different regions begin to talk to each other through design, whether it is drawing design or product design, or architecture, film, music, fashion or photographic design. This dialogue, in turn, opens a real transformation of lifestyle

through the concept of stereo vision, lzf would like to emphasize that the core of our work now is to study new technologies, develop new colors and temperatures of lamps, and let them better understand how lighting helps them create a better living atmosphere. They also integrated a new concept called "custom constellation", which installs light sets on pre installed ceilings. This is also a perfect solution for the total light environment

stereo vision has added color and rhythm to high fidelity to form a new EP version, which they call "stereovision relit", which includes rithma's remixed songs. This new EP can play dual CDs. At the same time, this new lamp design also includes a new lampshade

lamp products with creativity and unique personality will bring very good results to people's lives, give you a romantic and comfortable feeling, and make the room more warm and fashionable





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