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Most of the aluminum alloy doors and windows in China are private companies or small and medium-sized companies. Their skills can not reach the advanced level of foreign countries, and their equipment can not keep up with the advanced level of foreign countries. They lack economic strength and innovation ability, and there is a great lack of design talents. Therefore, many of the products of China's aluminum alloy door and window brand companies are copied from foreign countries and lack competitiveness in the world market. Then, how to change this phenomenon? If China's aluminum alloy door and window brand companies want to be unique among many brands, it is necessary to carry out differentiated brand positioning. The traditional civilization is the breakthrough of professional brand differentiation positioning of aluminum alloy doors and windows

brand differentiation positioning aluminum alloy door and window brand companies need to carefully build corporate civilization

aluminum alloy door and window brand companies strive to become a talent gathering place

aluminum alloy door and window brand corporate civilization is the sum of values, business thinking, management mode, team awareness and code of conduct formed by the company in the process of survival and development, and is the fundamental symbol of a company's difference from its peers. Company civilization focuses on people-oriented civilization, and people are the carrier of common sense and skills. Therefore, company civilization focuses on the expression of people's maximum potential, and the ultimate goal of this potential is to change the thinking and understanding of employees, improve their professional theory and business ability, and then form the company's central competitiveness

the company's norms and civilization need to be reconciled.

on the one hand, the aluminum alloy door and window brand company should recognize the importance of the company's civilization in thinking. It is the company's energy and the company's software. It is an immortal "soul". Relying on this energy, the excellent company will closely agglutinate the whole staff, and then show the greatest and strongest combat effectiveness. We should deeply realize that corporate civilization is the "soul" of the company, the commander in chief of the company's business activities, the compass of action, and plays an irreplaceable central role in the company's business activities

on the other hand, we should carefully build a harmonious corporate civilization. As the saying goes, "order is the best law in heaven", "no rules, no radius", the construction of corporate civilization is first and foremost necessary to take the harmony between norms and civilization as the condition, in which the strongest driving force for the sustainable development of the company is sought. The company's guidelines focus on working methods, which is a rigid management; Corporate civilization focuses on the way of thinking and is a kind of flexible management. The two are the two magic weapons to maintain the operation of the company. Only when they work together within the company can they achieve outstanding results

if a company has no rules to follow, no rules to follow, unclear division of labor, unclear responsibilities and loose discipline, it is impossible to establish a company civilization with strong driving force and promote the development of the company. Similarly, for a company with scattered locations, diverse commodities and full of danger, it is difficult to maintain the company's guidelines alone without the company's "soul". Aluminum alloy door and window brand companies should firmly grasp the two swords of norms and civilization, reconcile the two, strive to build an outstanding corporate civilization, share the development of the company, add benefits, and make greater contributions to the economy and society

at a time when the professional competition tends to be white hot, the brand differentiation positioning of the aluminum alloy door and window brand company needs to carefully build the company's civilization and strive to become a talent gathering place

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