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It is still not easy to distinguish the true and false imported flooring. Look at the introduction? Look at the photos

it is still not easy to distinguish the true and false imported flooring. Look at the introduction? Look at the photos? These can be forged. Look at the customs declaration? Entrust relationship to check internal data? It's troublesome, and the customs declaration can also be forged! In order to find the trick, the author tried it under the guidance of insiders

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distinguish “ Import ” The concept of true and false

at present, there are many businesses in the market that claim to be imported flooring from Europe and the United States. If consumers are right “ Import ” Without an accurate understanding of this word, it is really easy to get confused by the word game played by businesses. According to insiders, there are actually three kinds of so-called imports in the market, namely fake imports, semi imports and real imports

1. The so-called fake import refers to the products that have been imported but have stopped importing, but still bear the brand of import manufacturers. Or, although there are several foreign samples hanging in the store, when the customer asked, the salesperson said that there was no inventory and recommended other domestic flooring to the customer. The worst fake import is to fake packaging to deceive customers, which is fundamentally illegal

2. The reason why semi import is called semi import is that although products are imported, they do not have the high quality of European and American markets. Its main form of expression is “ OEM production ”. That is, a domestic merchant entrusts a foreign factory to produce products of a specified brand, and the manufacturer produces products of a specified grade according to the requirements of the merchant. In this way, foreign manufacturers only provide quality assurance for their own brand products, and are not responsible for non manufacturer brands. If domestic merchants control the price, the product quality will naturally be reduced accordingly, resulting in many differences with the original brand products of the manufacturer

3. Real imports use the original brand of foreign manufacturers to sell in China, and the manufacturers provide guarantee for product quality. The same products are sold synchronously in European and American markets and Chinese markets. However, imported brands must be the main brands of large foreign manufacturers, so the product quality in the European and American markets should also be medium and high-grade, otherwise “ Import ” It's meaningless




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