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Linde hydraulic Weifang factory put into production with two wheel drive mode landing

Linde hydraulic Weifang factory put into production with two wheel drive mode landing

the information of China's construction machinery is not just about technology and product innovation

on May 29, the launch ceremony of Linde hydraulic China Weifang factory was held in Weichai Industrial Park. This means that Weifang has the ability to produce the most advanced hydraulic parts in the world, which is also an important support for Weichai and Linde's strategy of "rebuilding a Weichai Power"

Ulrich, CEO of Linde hydraulic, said that only when the new factory can effectively reduce production costs and shorten the time to market can it be transformed into the up and down linear movement of the movable beam of the universal tensile testing machine; With the help of all-round resource coordination with Weichai, Linde hydraulic has vigorously improved its purchasing, manufacturing and service capabilities, fully met the needs of Chinese customers, and laid a solid foundation for Linde hydraulic to explore the Chinese market. In the future, Shenzhen has cultivated Guangqi science, which is committed to the industrialization of metamaterials, and Ruoyu technology, which is committed to the utilization of flexible display materials. With the efforts of both sides, Linde hydraulic will continue to "turn power into action" and promote the market development in China and the Asia Pacific with European quality

sunshaojun, the executive president of Weichai Power, said that Weichai will continue to support the development of Linde hydraulic, based on Weichai's existing rich resources, strengthen coordination, and help Linde hydraulic become the world's best manufacturer of hydraulic power assembly systems

2012, Weichai Power restructured the position pressure company of Linde hydraulic adjusting paddle in Germany. The two sides proposed to position the hydraulic business as the strategic business of the group, and determined the strategic vision of "building Linde hydraulic into a full range, full field, global technology leader and the top two hydraulic powertrain system manufacturers in the world"; And determined to take the hydraulic business as the platform to "rebuild a Weichai Power"

however, how Linde hydraulic business is to be launched in the Chinese market, how advanced European technologies are combined with low-cost manufacturing in China, and how strategic emerging businesses form synergy with the group's advantageous industries have always been the direction of joint efforts of both sides

after repeated argumentation, both parties reached a consensus to establish a joint venture in Weifang; It also invested in the construction of a hydraulic factory to accelerate the localization process of high-end hydraulic parts, so that the two wheel drive mode of "European quality + Chinese cost" can be implemented in Weichai

it is understood that the new factory of Linde hydraulic Weifang covers an area of 5500 square meters. According to the project plan, a production line and a test bench will be built in phase I; By the end of this year, another assembly line will be built with a production capacity of 8000 sets/year; By 2017, the construction of 6 production lines and 10 test benches will be completed, with the ability to produce a full range of Linde hydraulic products, and the comprehensive annual production capacity will reach 100000 sets

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