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Lighting up 19 street lights in old residential areas Caidian District of Wuhan city has recently solved 103 problems

lighting up 19 street lights in old residential areas Caidian District of Wuhan city has recently solved 103 problems

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original title: lighting up 19 street lights in old residential areas Caidian District of Wuhan city has recently solved 103 problems

since the theme education of "never forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind" was launched, Caidian District Committee of Wuhan city has adhered to problem orientation, The word "change" runs through the end when the original table box is broken and needs to be sent back for replacement. A special rectification team for outstanding problems led by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection has been established to promote the solution of persistent problems in the business environment and help Wuhan create an optimal business environment through "taking the pulse and making the right way". Recently, the author learned that 103 rectification and rectification problems in the four major categories of business environment and people's livelihood have been completed, and another 217 problems have made important progress

the dormitory of Caidian prison is an old community, and the street lamps are built and managed by users. Some street lighting facilities are in disrepair for a long time. At night, some sections of the community are dark, making it difficult for residents to travel at night. Recently, after being informed of the situation, guocaidian district power supply company organized a party member service team to repair the street lamp problems in the community. On the same day, all 19 street lights in the community were lit. The impact specimen notch broaching is a common impact test equipment, which won the "praise" of the community residents

in July this year, Caidian District implemented a red and yellow card seating system for key work to assess six key work, including fixed asset investment, industrial operation, business environment, investment attraction, safety production and urban comprehensive management. At the end of October, Caidian District announced the evaluation ranking of the region's work to optimize the business environment in September. The cases of breakthroughs in major manufacturing innovation achievements in China include: the successful flight test of the first domestic large aircraft C919; The first flexible composite industrial robot was successfully developed; The world's largest single radio telescope was completed; Caidian District power supply company, such as the world's largest gene bank put into operation, ranked sixth among the 19 leading units. Last month, due to its low ranking, it was invited to the "yellow card" of the district government executive meeting

"it is strictly forbidden to say hello and score favorably in the assessment, which truly reflects the actual work achievements of each unit and plays an encouraging and motivating role." The relevant person in charge of Caidian District said that he would take the opportunity of assessment to face up to the shortcomings and gaps, and turn the deficiencies in his work into the direction and motivation of his work. We will make full use of the existing machinery to seriously pursue the responsibilities of units and individuals who fail to advance their tasks due to "inaction, slow action and disorderly action" in their work

in addition, Caidian District strengthened the inspection and rectification of idle land. So far, 38 of the 43 idle lands in Caidian District have been disposed of, with a disposal rate of 88.4%, and 16 have been started, with a construction rate of 37.2%

for 25 idle projects caused by "maodi" land supply, Caidian District theme education special rectification team instructed relevant streets to be handled by specially assigned persons, urged relevant departments to complete infrastructure construction, land acquisition and demolition, handed over land to enterprises, and urged enterprises to start construction as soon as possible. Failure to complete the projects on time will be prosecuted according to the situation

the relevant person in charge of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection said that under the guidance of the second group of municipal style inspection, he would focus on the formalism and bureaucracy problems in the rectification, find serious accountability and work hard to expand the results of the special rectification of theme education. (sunkeliang)

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