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The blueprint of artificial intelligence coverage of Guangqi technology has initially appeared, leading Dawan district to take off from 0 to 1.

"the fourth industrial revolution is entering the second half of its journey, and the government should accelerate the construction of an artificial intelligence coverage network with the core of digital real-time dynamic goals, and promote the last kilometer of the digital revolution." In the second session of the 13th National People's Congress just held, liuruopeng, a deputy to the National People's Congress, President and chairman of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of technology, put forward the concept of artificial intelligence coverage network, which aroused strong concern

with the gradual acceleration of 5g layout in China, in order to actively guide the deep integration of digital infrastructure construction and artificial intelligence strategy, Guangqi technology actively explores the "no man's land of science and technology", initially builds an artificial intelligence coverage network, and has achieved outstanding practical results

first proposed the concept of artificial intelligence coverage network

the global 5g strategic game is becoming increasingly heated. In the face of fierce competition from dozens of countries oriented by park, base, specialization and recycling, China has actively participated in the formulation of the global unified 5g standard. The 5g vision, concept and demand have been highly recognized by the international organization for standardization. The domestic 5g basic application is also rapidly advancing, The artificial intelligence technology around 5g network will also open a new chapter, which is the "artificial intelligence coverage network" creatively proposed by liuruopeng

not only the national development and Reform Commission pointed out in its investment proposal for 2019 that it is necessary to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure, accelerate the pace of 5g business, and study and plan the investment and development plan for the basic application of the new generation of information technology; Strengthen infrastructure investment in artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection, IOT and other fields; "Deepening the research and development of big data, artificial intelligence and other applications" has been written into the government work report. It can be seen that the construction of artificial intelligence has become an important driving force to enhance economic vitality

liuruopeng thinks 1 When setting the initial value of the counter on the screen, it should be in the case of power failure. 5g network will become a landmark and prerequisite infrastructure in the second half of the fourth industrial revolution. The artificial intelligence overlay network based on 5g network and other infrastructures and applications will jointly build a new production and operation system for the fourth industrial revolution

"today, with the rapid development of digital economy, the artificial intelligence coverage network based on 5g network is becoming more and more like energy, power, highway, railway, etc., and will become a large-scale new infrastructure. It is very important for the development of enterprises and the production and operation of society to realize low-cost interconnection of massive data." Liuruopung said in an interview

the first artificial intelligence coverage specialist

optical technology not only puts forward the artificial intelligence coverage network in concept, but also builds the first artificial intelligence coverage specialist relying on its cutting-edge innovative technology in practice

Guangqi technology is committed to transforming high-end military technology into civil technology to promote the national economy and the people's livelihood, and some of its cutting-edge products have achieved preliminary landing applications. At the 2018 China International Social Public Security Products Expo, the "super intelligent tracking system" released by Guangqi achieved real-time dynamic tracking of massive targets such as people, vehicles, etc. for the first time in the industry, forming a multi-dimensional and multi domain intelligent tracking network. Liuruopeng pointed out that the "super intelligent tracking system" is actually an artificial intelligence coverage network formed by applying artificial intelligence coverage technology. It is mainly oriented to the field of urban public security and has been successfully applied in many places

with the "metamaterial" mass production technology as the core, the new generation of stealth technology has been widely used in China's top equipment. In the field of artificial intelligence, Guangqi's "artificial intelligence coverage network technology" with cutting-edge technologies such as "photoelectric sensor coverage technology", "radar tracking technology" and "high-performance modeling and high concurrency computing technology" as its core has solved the three major industry problems of "large-scale global intelligence coverage", "real-time concurrency of massive dynamic targets" and "substantial reduction of coverage and concurrency costs per unit area", and has also formed a cross generational advantage in the whole industry

according to the analysis of insiders, with the arrival of 5g era, Guangqi's artificial intelligence will play an unprecedented role with the support of millisecond transmission delay and hundreds of billions of connection capacity. Liuruopeng is even more optimistic about the report, saying that the concept of artificial intelligence coverage network, a new digital application, high-precision and high-quality big data, as well as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent operation and intelligent social governance based on cheap bandwidth, will be the new kinetic energy of China's economy in the future

the first to break into the "no man's land" of scientific and technological innovation

"after 40 years of development and accumulation, Shenzhen has attracted a large number of talents and spawned a large number of emerging industries. Next, its innovation will start to break into the no man's land. In fact, Guangqi is breaking into the no man's land in the field of metamaterial technology, stealth technology, including many different fields in Shenzhen. It is in the process of realizing the science and technology industry from scratch, from zero to one." Liuruopeng said to him

as a representative of the Guangdong delegation to the National People's Congress, liuruopeng repeatedly mentioned to the media the importance of artificial intelligence coverage to the development of science and technology in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Great Bay Area during the two sessions. He stressed that facing the opportunity in the second half of the fourth industrial revolution, Guangdong should integrate the resources of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Great Bay area, speed up the construction of artificial intelligence coverage network, build a new generation of information infrastructure, build a smart city cluster, and lead the arrival of the era of intelligent economy

Jigang started production line shutdown. With the in-depth promotion of the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, as a cutting-edge technology enterprise rooted in Shenzhen, Guangqi technology will also usher in huge development opportunities. It has advanced AI coverage concept guidance, and also has the Enlightenment of metamaterial mass production technology and AI specialized R & D and application experience. It has the opportunity to deeply break into the technological innovation no man's land in Dawan District, seize the historical process of Dawan district construction, and create a new bay area model with highly intelligent social governance and operation, production organization and citizen service

from concept to practice, from R & D to application, the Guangqi artificial intelligence coverage network system has begun to take shape. According to Liu ruopeng, Guangqi technology has completed the next 15 years' planning, and will focus on promoting the blueprint of the whole related technology and field, and gradually implement it in combination with its own goals and industrial needs, so as to always maintain the cutting edge of the technology. In terms of technology, Guangqi will gradually promote the application of emerging technologies in various vertical industries from 0 to 1. In terms of space, Guangqi will take Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area as the origin, and promote the application of artificial intelligence coverage network to the whole country from 0 to 1, so that artificial intelligence technology can benefit the whole society, serve the national economy and the people's livelihood, and contribute to the economic development of the country and regions

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