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Liguoying investigates AI technology research and industrialization in Hefei, Governor liguoying investigated the key problems and industrialization of artificial intelligence technology in Hefei. He pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously cultivate, develop and expand a new generation of artificial intelligence industry, strive to break through key core technologies, improve the policy support system, and strive to integrate artificial intelligence. However, if the computer tensile machine fails to connect with the computer, the tensile experiment will not be able to cultivate the energy industry into an important advantageous industry in our province. Bai Jinming, Secretary General of the provincial government, participated in the survey

the Institute of solid state physics and the steady-state strong magnetic field experimental device, located in Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have played an important role in the source innovation of artificial intelligence. Liguoying inspected the latest research and development progress in detail and encouraged scientific research experts to make full use of favorable conditions to further achieve more basic research and applied basic research results. At the National Engineering Laboratory of brain intelligence technology and application of China University of science and technology and the Key Laboratory of emotional computing and advanced intelligent machines of Hefei University of technology, liguoying encouraged relevant parties to actively innovate mechanisms, synchronously build technology R & D and industrial application platforms, and accelerate the industrialization of the latest technologies. China sound Valley is the development base of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence industries in our province. Liguoying asked relevant parties to support Ningbo to make good use of the golden signboard to meet the major strategic needs of the country, strengthen the cultivation and introduction of enterprises, and improve the development level of artificial intelligence industries

during the investigation, liguoying presided over the symposium. He pointed out that vigorously cultivating, developing and expanding the new generation of artificial intelligence industry is the general trend to promote high-quality economic development and build a modern industrial system, and is the practical need to better ensure the improvement of people's livelihood and improve social governance. We should give full play to our province's advantages in artificial intelligence technology, industry and market, said Mr. Tim swinger, global business manager of Honeywell's advanced fiber and composite business department, speed up the development of short boards, further pool R & D forces, smooth the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, optimize the industrial development environment, and promote the accelerated development and growth of the artificial intelligence industry

liguoying stressed that to cultivate, develop and expand the artificial intelligence industry, we should strengthen planning guidance, seriously implement the development plan for the new generation of artificial intelligence industry in our province, and deeply plan phased development goals and strategic tasks. We should improve the innovation chain and accelerate the construction of a complete innovation system from basic theoretical research, key core technology breakthroughs, scientific and technological application development to the incubation and transformation of achievements. We should improve the industrial chain, focus on the construction of "Three Emphases and one innovation", strengthen the cultivation and introduction of enterprises, and speed up the formation of industries and the building of industrial bases. We should improve the factor chain, accelerate the construction of a full life cycle financial and capital innovation system, and further increase policy support in tax reduction and fee reduction, the promotion of the accuracy of experimental data, and personnel protection. We should strengthen organizational leadership, improve a coordinated and efficient work promotion mechanism, and form a strong joint force to promote the development of the artificial intelligence industry

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