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At about 16:00 on August 19, Wang Xingzhong and Yu Xusheng, assistant policemen of Gaohong squadron of Lin'an traffic police, who were patrolling the road, received a public alarm: near No. 105 Qingquan Road, a large truck was tripped by a falling wire, occupying most of the lane, affecting the passage of the whole road. After receiving the alarm, the two quickly solved the problem: the broken link rushed to the scene of the accident

"when we arrived at the scene, some of the cables were half hung in the air, and some were scattered on the ground. Some cars passed near the fallen cables, and sparks would be emitted." Wangxingzhong said, "we report the situation while we ease the traffic."

wangxingzhong also found that the wires entangled by the car were as thick as a thumb, and were twisted together with 75% of Nike footwear and clothing products that used recycled materials. He didn't dare to use them without insulation equipment, and some wires were hung in the air, which caused great safety problems. Seeing that the evening rush hour is coming, and the emergency repair department has not arrived, the road is not wide. If it is not solved in time, it will inevitably cause traffic congestion

therefore, wangxingzhong found a long bamboo pole from a nearby store. After confirming that it was a weak wire, he carefully sorted out the entangled wire, and then raised the fallen wire with a bamboo pole if the above conditions were normal. Yu Xusheng stood aside to command the vehicles blocked on both sides of the road to pass in an orderly manner. However, as the fallen wires span the whole road, there are many van type trucks passing through this section. In order to avoid further congestion, Yu Xusheng drove the police car under the wires, stood on the back carriage of the police car, held the wires high with both hands, and instructed the vehicles to pass slowly

"although the cable is raised, you should be extra careful when the cart passes by. I hold scattered wires on the road and direct the traffic. What are the skills and protection of the corrugated pipe ring stiffness tester to prevent accidents?" Wangxingzhong said

they kept this position for 70 minutes at a stroke, and their hands and feet were numb because they kept lifting for a long time. Under the hot sun, the sweat on their forehead, cheeks and backs kept dripping like rain. At about 17:00, the emergency repair departments of China Mobile and telecom arrived at the scene. After the cable was reconnected to the wire post, wangxingzhong and Yu Xusheng completed the task

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